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Our storage facilities are set on more than 35'000sqm in Moscow, Novorossiysk and St. Petersburg, which allows us to store about 15'000tons of fresh fruit and vegetables at a time. Our newest and most technologically advanced warehouse is located in St. Petersburg. This warehouse provides quality storage conditions, is equipped with sorting machinery, as well a variety of packing lines is installed which allows us to pack fruits as per any supermarkets requirement and specifications. There are 36 hi-tech ripening rooms for bananas, allowing us weekly to degreen 63'000boxes of bananas. Every product is inspected on the moment when it enters our warehouse and then inspected again right before the loading and dispatch to a customer, so all our clients receive only the goods of excellent quality.

IFC warehouses are equipped with the modern cooling rooms, which guarantee the optimal storage conditions: temperature and the level of humidity for any stored product, which increases its shelf-life period. Our warehouses are equipped with different packing lines, what allows maintaining the good visual appearance, to provide best protection during storage as well as during transportation and to meet the highest requirements and the criteria for packing which we receive from our retail partners.

Special conditions storage conditions are created in our bananas warehouse sector: modern ripening rooms, separate banana storage chambers allow us to perform high-tech processes of controlled ripening before bananas are delivered to the retail networks providing the highest possible level of service to all our customers.